Cast and crew

Myriam Fougère, director, camera and editor.

Myriam Fougère is a multidisciplinary artist born in Quebec City, Canada.
While living in New York City from 1987 to 1992, she organized the "East Coast Lesbians' Festival" with Lin Daniels. Myriam wrote, shot and directed a poetic, innovative documentary about breast cancer entitled, On a Moving Path. This documentary won Best Experimental Documentary at the Baltimore Women's Film Festival, 2008, and Second Prize at the Image et Santé Festival in Liège, Belgium, 2008. 

With a grant from the Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec, Myriam shot, directed and edited a documentary about the rise and fall of the lesbian movement of the 1980's called  Lesbiana- A Parallel Revolution.


To realize this film, I interwied more than 35 lesbians in Quebec and in the States. The women who are featured in the documentary are:

Jackie Anderson, Suzanne Boisvert, Nicole Brossard, Crow Cohen, Glo Daley, Lin Daniels, Alix Dobkin, Gloria Escomel, Marilyn Frye, Carolyn Gage, Emily Greene, Diane Heffernan, Sarah L. Hoagland, Sonia Johnson, Selma Miriam, Lise Moisan, Carol V. Moore, Julia Penelope, Sudie Rakusin, Imani Rashid, Ruth Silver, Ellen Spangler, Evelyn Torton Beck, Louise Turcotte, Lise Weil, Irene Weiss, Laura Yaros.



Produced by: Pauline Voisard and Myriam Fougère

Script, Director, Editor: Myriam Fougère

Director of Photography: Myriam Fougère

Additional Camera: Nathalie Lasselin

Technical services: Vidéo Femmes

Original score and sound effects: Michèle Groleau

Sound mix: Martin Hurtubise

Subtitles: Zoé Major

Produced with the financial support of: Le Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec –CALQ, The National Film Board of Canada –ACIC- and Prim

Thank you for your indefectible presence: Satyam Archambault, Martine Giguère, Verena Stefan, Lise Moisan, Christine McDowell, Pauline Voisard 

Thank you for your participation: Adelaide A. Keiser, Andrée Dumouchel, Angelique Vanterpool, Donna R. Hosterman, Gin Bergeron, Jade Deforest, Laura Smith, Line Chamberland, Lee Evans, Nadine Zenobi, Noel Furie, Red Summer, Shelley Cullen, Tara Ayres, Tara Rubano, Vera C. Martin, Verena Stefan

Music performances:      

Alix Dobkin, Ferron, Gin Bergeron, Kay Gardner, Maxine Feldman, Melanie Monsour, Pam Hall, Toni Armstrong Jr., The Washington Sisters  

Mouvement/Danse: Suzanne Boisvert, Andrée Dumouchel, Suzanne Valotaire

Produced with the financial support of: Le Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec –CALQ, L’Office National du Film du Canada –ACIC- et Prim 

Financial partners: Anne Leighton, Irene Weiss, Lise Weil, Martine Giguère, Sarah L. Hoagland, Sarah Valentine, Satyam Archambault, Sudie Rakusin, Third Story WindowMusique originale et conception sonore: Michèle Groleau

NFB Team:

Techniciens au montage numérique: Pierre Dupont, Patrick Trahan

Monteur en ligne: Denis Pilon

Titres: Gaspard Gaudreau

Infographie: Mélanie Boudreau

Coordination (ACIC): Marie-Christine Guité

Production (ACIC): Johanne Bergeron

Video Archives: Myriam Fougère, Andrea Vassell-Desrosiers, Catherine Archambault, Christine McDowell, Linda Peers, Marie Brazeau: “Souffles”, Réseau Vidé-Elles , Suzanne Vertue, Diane Heffernan, Sand Northrup

Photographic archives: Myriam Fougère, Irene Weiss, Martine Giguère, Alix Dobkin, Alexis Pauline Gumbs, Anna Maria Ramseier, Blue Feather Image, Christine McDowell, Lina Bilodeau, Louise Turcotte, Louise Wiseman, Lorraine Carpentier, Germaine Beaulieu, Imani Rashid, Irène Bouazi, Emily Greene, Evelyn Torton Beck, Gayle Scott - Photos de Ferron , JEB (Joan E. Biren), Julia Penelope, Laura Yaros, Linda J. Russell, Lise Weil, Maia Sterlin, Manon Choinière, Marik Boudreau, Marte Parham, Namascar Shaktini, Nance Ackerman, Noel Furie, OLOC –Old Lesbians Organizing for Change, Rainbow Williams, Suzanne Boisvert, Verena Stefan

Photos de Ruth Mountaingrove Papers, Image/s courtesy of the Special Collections and University Archives, University of Oregon Libraries.

Narration: Myriam Fougère

Coaches: Françoise Vear, Gail Schwartz

Narration recording: Martin Hurtubise

Translations: Myriam Fougère, Martine Giguère, Christine McDowell, Leslie Timmins, Lise Weill, Lise Moisan, Gail Schwartz, Shelley Wine, Sand Northrup                                       

Editing consultants: Michèle Groleau, Josiane Lapointe, Pauline Voisard, Johanne Fréchette

Technical Services: 

Vidéo Femmes: Suzie Genest, Marilyne Paré              

PRIM: Amandine Brun, Bruno Bélanger              

© 2012 Myriam Fougère 

Distribution: GIV –Groupe Intervention Video/


Myriam Fougère-1989Myriam Fougère-1989
Pauline Voisard- Co-productricePauline Voisard- Co-productrice


I am a friend of Deborah Ennis. She gave me your name and told me about the film. Can we have a showing in Burlington, Vermont?? You can email me at

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